Intuition Scholarships

One school does not fit all.
But with so many to choose from, there's one just for you.

With school sizes ranging from large public institutions to small private institutions and liberal arts colleges—where undergraduates are exposed to a wide range of courses in sciences and humanities before declaring a major—there is an option to suit students with virtually any academic or athletic ability and any budget.

We have over 100 partner universities spread throughout 37 states that depend on us to pre-screen international students for financial aid.

Each of the universities we partner with meets three important criteria:

Academic Standards and Success

They are accredited institutions in good standing and offer a flexible and challenging curriculum. Our partner universities have a proven track record for successfully graduating international students, and offer learning support centres where students may get extra help with their studies. The professors are highly qualified in their field of study.

Small Class Sizes

We believe this is crucial to an international student’s ability to thrive at an American university. A small class size allows for greater interaction and more personal attention between professors and students. The average tutor/student ration at our partner schools is 1 to 14.

Outstanding Facilities

US universities are renowned for their excellent facilities, and our partner universities are no exception. Each school’s campus provides a high standard of student housing, meal service, a safe environment, excellent learning resources, and plenty of on-campus and off-campus activities.

They also each have international offices to help with logistics and ensure your needs are met.

It is important to note that in the US, the terms “university”, “college”, “school”, and “institution” are interchangeable.

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