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SAT / ACT Aptitude Tests

Most US universities require one of two aptitude tests to evaluate your academic level prior to acceptance: the SAT or the ACT. The SAT is the most popular, and is accepted by all of our partner universities.

All prospective applicants should take one of these tests prior to applying.

The SAT is made up three sections: Math, and Verbal (the verbal section is comprised of Critical Reading, and Writing.) Each section is graded with a score ranging from 200-800.

Different divisions have different requirements for enrollment. An NCAA Division 2 college will require a combined score of 820 for the SAT. Most NAIA schools require a combined score of 860 on the SAT to be considered.

The ACT measures English, Math, Reading, and Science Reasoning, and is scored differently than the SAT. For an NCAA Division 2 college, your combined score on all sections will need to be at least 68. For an NAIA school, only your composite scores are counted, and this must be at least 18.

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Which test is right for you? The ACT is a more content-based test - measuring what you have learned in school - whereas the SAT measures critical thinking and problem solving skills. Traditionally, the SAT has been the most accepted test, although the ACT has seen an increased popularity. You have the option to take either test (or both), and take them multiple times.

If your first language is not English then you will also have to take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) to prove proficiency in the English language. It has happened before to us, but some UK scholarship applicants have had to take a TOEFL exam. It is because you are applying for an International Scholarship and the assumption is that International means Non English speaking. It is because so much of the admissions process is software driven and they need every box ticked. The few times a UK applicant has had to take the TOEFL exam they have been rewarded with a supplementary scholarship award. It still requires familiarisation with the exam layout but really it should be one of the easiest exams you can take! In many cases, if you have studied for a major qualification, such as A levels, you may contact each university to request a 'waiver' from the TOEFL.

Both tests are offered multiple times a year in most countries around the world.

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