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Benefits of an American Education

The world is getting smaller. In today’s job market, having cross-cultural experience is an invaluable attribute. Pursuing a degree overseas doesn’t just help you expand your global outlook; it also helps you stand out to prospective employers.

According to the Council for Industry and Higher Education’s survey of 230 major UK recruiters, one in six reported that they prefer applicants with an overseas degree. 65% of employers favoured candidates with international work experience.

By studying in the United States, you can gain both. International students may work up to 20 hours a week on campus while studying, and work in the states for up to two years after completing their degree.

With a higher Professor-to-Student ratio, increased sports and club opportunities, and the opportunity to impress future employers, there has never been a better time to study in the USA.

And with the amount of scholarships available to international students, it’s never been more affordable.

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