Intuition Scholarships

You thrive on competition,
and coaches love to see it.

Without the right platform to perform, you’re limited in the opportunities for schools to see you, especially when matches take place on another continent. But blindly sending a DVD of your highlights to a list of coaches or “contacts” in the States doesn’t get most athletes far.

It’s All About Exposure
All of our Sports Scholarship applicants travel to Florida to participate in a 10 day Showcase. Coaches from around the USA will be there to observe you in your element. You’ll learn from them. You’ll compete with other student athletes. You’ll have the chance to experience life on a college campus.

You’re in Control
No more waiting for a coach to discover you; they’ve traveled to see you. Show them what you’ve got on the field, and have a conversation with them while you’re cooling down. The Showcase gives you the chance to feel every opportunity out, find the coaches—and universities—you’d like to play for, and interact directly with them.

Scholarship Guarantee
If you are unable to secure sufficient athletic awards through your performance at the annual Showcase, we will supplement them by securing significantly reduced rates based on your academic scores to school where you can tryout for the athletic programme of your choice.

During the Showcase, you will receive:

  • University accommodations for the entire trip
  • Three meals a day
  • On-site medical attention and health insurance coverage
  • Uniform for Showcase competitions
  • Training sessions and day trips on your days off
  • Transportation to and from the airport

The only expenses not covered are airfare and spending money.

Example Showcase schedule

Additional Information

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