Intuition Scholarships

Applying for an Athletic Scholarship

Did you know student athletes have a distinct edge over other students in the admissions process? They do. Some schools even lower the aptitude test score and grade point average required for incoming student athletes in an effort to find well-rounded students who will represent their institution with pride both on and off the field. Our goal is to help you receive the athletic scholarships that make it possible to compete for, study at, and graduate from an American university.

Step 1.

Contact us via phone or by filling in our online enquiry form. We’ll check your eligibility for free and provide all of the information needed.

Step 2.

We will send you our contract and application form. Return these with a $220 deposit and the following documents (follow the links for guidelines, tips, and assistance with each of the requirements):

Step 3.

Hang tight. Now’s a good time to brush up on popular American phrases. After reviewing your documents, we’ll contact you for a counselling interview (in person or via Skype).

Step 4.

After the interview, you are required to pay the remainder of the balance for our service.

Step 5.

We'll help you make arrangements for attending the International Showcase in Florida.

Step 6.

Five days after the end of the International Showcase, we will send you a written report detailing all scholarship offers you have received.

Step 7.

You must confirm receipt of the scholarship offers and notify us of which one you would like to accept

  • within 5 days if you would like to start classes in the semester in the fall semester immediately following the Showcase.
  • before the 5th of September if you would like to start at a later date.
Step 8.

Our USA office will guide you through the enrollment process with your chosen University, and help you with your visa application.

Additional Information

Sport Scholarships

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  • Other Sports Our Sports Scholarships focus on Golf, Tennis, Football and Basketball, but we also help applicants looking for scholarships in a wide range of other sports.
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