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Basketball Scholarships

Want to hoop it up at a US university?

The birthplace of basketball is filled with some of the greatest players in the world. With a basketball scholarship, you’ll spend your mornings in the classroom and afternoons in the paint.

Students seeking a basketball scholarship will need to attend our 10-day Showcase (held every July in Florida). At the Showcase, you’ll play in front of college coaches from across the United States, and have the chance to discuss their programmes and the schools they represent. After the Showcase, you will receive a detailed report of scholarship offers from at least nine schools. More information on the annual Showcase can be found here.

Best Time to Apply

Your scholarship offers will be valid for two years after attending our Showcase. Since basketball is an autumn and winter sport, we recommend you begin your application at age 16 and plan to attend the annual Showcase at age 17 (during year 12). This will allow you to enroll in a university at the beginning of the autumn term and compete your first year.


Success Based System

Coaches viewing your performance and attitude both on and off the court will determine your final scholarship offers. However, if you are unable to secure sufficient awards through the Showcase, we can supplement them by helping secure significantly reduced rates at colleges based on your academic scores.


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