Intuition Scholarships

USA University Premium Service

When the best schools you choose

are guaranteed to choose you, too.

Along side our Scholarship sourcing service we can offer a growing number of applicants looking for more specific guarantees of securing a place at a nominated University. We offer a counselling service aimed at well qualified students aiming to take their degree in the States. We call it USA University Premium Service.

Applying to Ivy League universities and the top colleges in the USA requires highly specialist knowledge and expertise. Any scholarships are often ‘Needs Blind’ and can only be applied for once a student has been accepted through their admissions process. Navigating through the process successfully requires planning, guile and expertise. Through our network of counsellors we can offer exclusive one to one support to obtain placements in universities which require such a highly personalised and structured application. Our senior counsellor on admissions to the States, is widely respected as an American academic, and has maintained contact with a wide network of colleges and universities through her former lectureships in Washington DC and Boston, still acting as a interviewer for her alma mater, Wellesley College (one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the US, and alma mater to Hilary Clinton and Madeleine Albright), and has extensive experience advising international students to high level universities. 

This comprehensive service includes:

    • a series of private consultations
    • detailed research into universities appropriate to your academic ability
    • proposals on at least five universities
    • guidance through the application process from start to finish
    • support on writing letters of application and entry essays
    • entry requirements and equivalence of qualifications
    • help meeting deadlines

Timeline and application process

We would require you to complete our on-line eligibility form and then a follow up telephone interview.

Applications to Ivy league colleges are much more time specific. Students need to have filed their applications by 21 December of the preceding year at the latest.

The fees for our USA University Premium Service are available upon application.

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