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Go for a degree.

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Pursuing your undergraduate degree at an American university is about more than graduation. It’s the chance to exchange cross-cultural ideas, experience life on another continent, and expand your horizons– not just physically, but academically and socially as well.

While studying in the US, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from respected professors, live on a campus with state-of-the-art facilities, and, if you choose, travel around a country that’s as varied as it is vast.

Obtaining an undergraduate degree from overseas is also something employers respect. In fact one in six UK recruiters actively seek candidates with an overseas degree.

But for many students, it’s incredibly difficult to study in the US without significant financial support. Many universities cost over US$20,000 per year, and some cost twice that. The application process alone is overwhelming.

That’s where we come in. We help eligible students secure a minimum of nine scholarship offers, including several that cover at least half the cost of tuition, housing, and meals.

We have over 100 well-ranked, accredited partner universities in the US that offer scholarship help exclusively to international students that are our candidates.

Success Based System

If we fail to secure the amount of scholarships outlined on our offers page, you pay nothing for our service.

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