Intuition Scholarships

About us

Our goal is simple. We want to help young people from around the world realise their educational dream of studying in the U.S.A. Receiving an education from an American university is about more than the classes you take. It is about a cultural exchange of ideas, worldviews, and ways of lifethat benefit a student long after a diploma is received.

We work hard to achieve our goal. Every year, hundreds of students from across the globe take advantage of our service, and an average of 8 million dollars in educational and athletic scholarship funds are awarded.

Our U.S. partners range from major Division 1 universities to smaller regional liberal arts schools, allowing us to secure scholarships for students from institutions of any size offering degrees in everything from civil engineering to photography.

Pursuing higher education is one of the most important steps you can take in your life. It impacts the career you can have, your future earnings, and the quality of your life. If you’re ready to take that step, we can make it possible.

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